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Life is not easy for a feral cat at the best of times, but the difficulties Bushytail faces on his journey to search for a home are far from ordinary.

Bushytail wants to find his own territory, but the journey is dangerous. He has to avoid the humans and their noisy machines as well as being on alert for other toms that may want to challenge him. He is used to relying on his wits to survive: he is a cat and a cat walks alone…

…but this time Bushytail realises he is going to need help.
Bushytail joins up with a band of clowderless young toms, where he meets the enigmatic Bristle whom Bushytail reluctantly allows to guide him. Will Bushytail ever master the three rules and the mysterious powers Bristle is trying to teach him?

He needs to—the future of catkind depends on him.

About The Author

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Award-winning author Ruby Knight began writing the Clowder Cats series when a student she was teaching refused to read anything unless it was about cats. An avid fantasy fiction fan, Ruby grew up in the Autralian bush and enjoys singing and playing flute and saxophone.

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