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Myna’s a selkie, though she doesn’t know it.

With her firstborn pronounced dead and taken before Myna can see her, it takes the birth of a second daughter, years later, to begin to mend Myna’s broken heart.

But then her firstborn returns, and shares the truth about Myna’s past.

Myna has a choice - retrieve her skin and return to the ocean to the family she never knew and the daughter she's long grieved for, or remain on land with the husband she loves, and the daughter who can never enter the sea.

Praise for What The Tide Brings -

"I really enjoyed this novella! The selkie mythology is fascinating, and the story is told from several characters viewpoints. It really adds to the magical realism." - Amazon Review.

"Towards the middle to end there's a real sense that no matter what she chooses, she'll end up hurting someone she cares deeply for. The resolution is nicely circular. It feels like a natural conclusion—that the story was always building to this while still managing to be unpredictable." - Amazon Review.

About The Author

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Heather Ewings lives and writes on the land of the Pallittorre people of Northern Tasmania. She is a Tasmanian author with a MA in Modern History and a particular interest in Tasmanian colonial times, as well as a fascination with myth and folklore. Heather is the author of mostly speculative fiction.

Her short stories have been published by Deadset Press, Lite Lit One, Black Hare Press, and Asymmetry Fiction, to name a few. Heather is a chocoholic, book-worm, and would-be-hermit, who writes in-between homeschooling her three children, making beeswax candles, gardening, and attempting to keep the house is some vague semblance of order (and failing, because lets face it, that’s precious writing time, right there).

You can find her at

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