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Troll eradication may not be on Gretchen’s resume, but strapped for cash, she’s prepared to try her hand at bounty hunting. And maybe a stray love potion while she’s at it.

Without a decent payday in months, she's close to calling it quits, and if she doesn’t come through, her reputation — and the prospect of more customers — will be ruined. Between an insolent spell book, an old friend too sick to run her favorite tavern and a new guy in town who is the object of every maiden’s desire, Gretchen scrambles to keep everyone happy.

A potion cocktail has unintended side effects with massive ramifications and Gretchen has no idea how she did it. If she doesn’t fix it, she’ll be forced to hang up her witches hat and serve drinks for the rest of her days.

Gretchen's (Mis)Adventures is a monthly sitcom-style series of novelettes. Join her on wacky escapades across a realm filled with fairy tale figures and fantastical creatures. Thought you knew how those stories all ended? Think again. 

Everyone has their own truth and Gretchen's is more relatable than most.

Praise for Troll Hunter - Witch For Hire :

"Gretchen, it seems, is having a life where nothing is plain sailing of goes smoothly. Although only a short story, it contains witches, ogres, dwarves, sour beer, a purple cat and love potions. Oh, and an enchanted troll. Very silly, very humorous and highly recommended." - Mike Powell, Amazon Review

"Fairytale land with lots of contemporary dialogue. You might find a gnome that walks into a bar and says, "What's up dude." The book is bunches of fun rolled in lots of imagination. These are the fairytales kids now would love." - Amazon Review

"It was hilarious! Such a refreshing read after such a long time. Give it a go guys, you'll love it. I have started the next book!!" - Vidya, Amazon Review

About The Author

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Paula Mason is an author based in regional Victoria, Australia, and creator of Gretchen's (Mis)Adventures. She enjoys fantastical stories and faraway places as her creative outlet from her busy day job and (even busier) family.

By day Paula is a social worker and has a deep grounding in social justice and Child Protection. She works within her local Aboriginal community and is keenly interested in reconciliation and restorative justice.

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