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A young widow with a musical gift that is truly magical. A conflict that will threaten her homeland and her soul.  

As a Skalsinger, Cahira Gelt delighted audiences with her multi-voiced performances. But she no longer has any reason to sing. 

Grieving the violent death of her husband, Bram, she is devastated by the sudden disappearance of his twin brother, Adric. Finding him is the only thing she can do for Bram now. But she little suspects what the cost to herself will be. 

Haunted by nightmares, Cahira combs the island of Algarth for any trace of her brother-in-law. Along the way, her love of singing re-emerges, bringing comfort amid pain. Until a new and frightening power is unleashed within her, threatening those she holds dearest. But an even greater danger is brewing, a plot against Algarth itself.  

Cahira will face a terrible choice: risk her life, her soul, and her sanity in a battle against a monstrous enemy, or watch everything she loves disappear forever.

About The Author

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L.A. Webster (Lyn) is a retired teacher who writes speculative fiction, mainly adult fantasy. 

After spending a considerable portion of her life exploring imaginary places in books written by other people, she finally took her courage in her hands and set out in search of a fantasy world of her own. After a few wrong turns, she found herself mysteriously transported to the magical island of Algarth, where she's been spending most of her fictional time ever since. 

In the mundane world, Lyn lives, writes and gardens in regional Australia (another strange and wondrous land) with her husband and a small enthusiastic dog. 

You can find Lyn at her website:

Or catch up with her on Twitter:  @l_a_webster and Instagram:  l.a.webster

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