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Lithia is hunted by evil King Noran, a madman obsessed with acquiring the longevity, healing powers, and inhuman strength of witches.

Royal guard and former witch hunter Ronan, framed for killing Noran's predecessor, escapes the palace before Noran can silence him. A chance meeting with Lithia sees him join forces with the witch and devise a plan to assassinate the malevolent King.

Traveling across the kingdom, recruiting others to their cause, the secrets Ronan and Lithia hide threaten to destroy not only themselves, but to bring Terom to its knees at the feet of King Noran and his diabolical desire to rule over the witches.

About The Author

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Originally born in Australia but moved to Switzerland when I was 5. After 14 years completing school and an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner, I moved back to Australia. Eventually I moved to Hong Kong for 3 years and got married. My wife and I moved to Australia. We currently live in Perth.

While I enjoy a good story in fantasy, I was tired on reading about the typical tropes of magic such as fire, water or lightning. I want to take a different take with mine that does not involve these types of magic and typical creatures such dwarfs and elves.

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