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 Her newly-discovered green magic could save this land from destruction. If only she can evade capture long enough to learn how to wield it.

Sara Martin believes she’s put her troubled past behind her and found contentment tending gardens in a small Australian town. But when she’s inexplicably swept away to a land being ravaged by an ecological disaster, she discovers a power within herself she never suspected.

Unfortunately, the penalty for using Greenhaelan magic in Algarth is death. Forced to join a band of unusual and talented outlaws, pursued by a deadly enemy who may be closer to her than she realises, Sara must decide if she will risk her life for a place and a people who are not her own.

Greenhaelan is an epic fantasy adventure and the first book in The Chronicles of Algarth. If you like a medieval setting, characters you can cheer for, expertly plotted twists and turns, and a classic battle between good and evil, then you’ll love this debut from L.A. Webster.

Praise for Greenhaelan -

"Who wouldn't want to be swept away from their safe, little life to an enchanted world full of magic? And of course, be given the opportunity to save the world from enemies and strife. If your answer is 'count me in', then Greenhaelen is for you." - Veronica Strachan, Amazon Review.

"Greenhaelen has a beautiful lyrical narrative style. I want to say it feels a bit like an older style fantasy novel, even though I’m not quite sure how to explain what I mean by that. It eases you in gently, lets you get to know the characters, gives you some beautiful descriptions of gardens, and then takes you on an adventure." - Emily Wrayburn, Amazon Review.

"With incisive comparisons to the modern world, Greenhaelan is a cautionary tale about what could happen to our planet if we don’t take care of it. An engrossing read that seamlessly mixes reality and fantasy."- Amazon Review.

About The Author

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Lyn Webster is the Australian author of Greenhaelan – Chronicles of Algarth #1 whose work is also featured in Christmas Australis – A Frighteningly Festive Anthology Of Spine Tingling Tales.

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