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Restoring Destiny is a fantasy/coming-of-age story of teen romance, magic, evil and a fight to save a life and right the wrongs of yesteryear.  

Torn from their cloistered world, pursued by troops, Rais and Kanda battle the elements of an unknown world and struggle to develop their emerging magic powers.   

Their mother is to be executed at the next full moon by the evil ruler who invaded their world. Only they can save her, take back the land, and free the imprisoned King and their father.  With a guide and 2 teens, they travel through a tunnel in the Mountain of Dread, battling the life-threatening elements, to find the only man who can help them.   

But unexpected danger comes from one they trusted...

About The Author

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Elaine  J Ouston has a Master of Letters in Creative Writing and teaches writing to adults and children. She also edits for other writers and visits schools for workshops and author visits. 

Elaine J Ouston has published a wide range of titles, all of which can be discovered by visiting

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