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A disgraced assassin. A sinister conspiracy. Will her one shot at redemption be her last?

Dhani Karim was a ruthless assassin with only one purpose in life: to eliminate the crime lords, child slavers and insurgents lurking on the Empire’s far-flung edges. Until the night she was betrayed and framed for a murder she didn’t commit…

Expelled from the Imperial Assassins for her alleged crimes, Dhani is granted one chance at redemption – spend two years as a lowly covert operative and earn her right to rejoin the Assassins. 

Exiled to a remote desert city, Dhani is partnered with Parvan Gorshayik, a short-tempered, difficult man struggling with his own demons.  Given just three days to locate a person known only as Scythe, Dhani knows their handler is setting them up to fail. And failure carries a high price…  Death.

Battling against magic-wielding foes, sinister cults, and their own bitter differences, Dhani and Parvan’s mission uncovers a web of secrets and lies, and they soon face an impossible decision: defy their orders, risking court-martial and execution…  

Or gamble with thousands of innocent lives by turning their back on a deadly conspiracy.

City of Whispers is the thrilling first book in the Imperial Assassin fantasy adventure series. If you like kickass heroines, high-octane action, and off-the-charts snark, then you’ll love Katt Powers’ gritty tale.  Buy City of Whispers for a pulse-pounding page-turner today!

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