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The Vermilion Ribbon is fantasy with a twist. 

There are nor dragons or Elves, there is no magic, and there is no Chosen One battling the odds to save the world. There is only Corelle’s battle to retain her sanity and some scrap of self-worth as her inner turmoil deepens with every heart she stills. 

The book is part one of a series - The Vermilion Saga. 

Corelle’s fairy tale dream turns into a horrific nightmare in The Vermilion Ribbon, a pulsating mix of fantasy, romance and adventure. Corelle’s journey from innocence to cold-hearted killer leaves a trail of bodies from one end of Dur to the other. With her enemies in relentless pursuit and another woman’s life in her hands, Corelle cannot relax for a heartbeat. 

Despair and vengeance compete for her attention as death dogs her footsteps, leading to a thrilling climax that will leave you breathless. 

This sapphic low fantasy debut explores Corelle’s mental well-being as her life spirals into a never-ending cycle of death. Think Jason Bourne meets Robin Hood, but with lesbians.  

Content Advisory: Non-consensual sex, LGBT, violence, death, suicide ideation.

About The Author

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Hayley Price has always been a storyteller. Throughout her life, she has told her story through songs as the principal songwriter in several bands, most recently Adventures With Alice, whose songs feature in many of her books.  

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