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17-year-old, Cassie never wanted to participate in the reality tele-program. 

She’d rather be making animal documentaries than be courted by three princes from rival planets all with their own agendas. But when Cassie’s crush, zoological researcher, Dennian tricks his way into the competition, she may not need her back-up escape plan. 

Dennian is used to keeping quiet, but as the competition takes a dangerous turn and contestants are forced to face their greatest fears, the secrets that have kept him alive are revealed, but why is Dennian afraid of the Keeper? 

The Keepers of the Dragon Temple have advised Governor Suri, ruler of the Universe, for a thousand years. A Keeper can’t die until an apprentice takes his place and the current Keeper has a string of dead students. When rumours of the Keeper’s demise reach one of the princes, Cassie and Dennian are drawn into a political conflict. 

Only two people know what has happened to the Keeper, and Dennian isn’t talking.

About The Author

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Nikki Moyes writes YA fiction and her first book, 'If I Wake' was published in 2016. She was born in Victoria and has moved around Australia amassing an eclectic range of occupations including tallship watch leader, apiarist, rose farm hand, and sandwich artist. 

In her spare time she learns tissu, static trapeze, and aerial hoop (she couldn’t decide on one) in case she needs to run off and join the circus.

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