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Rome 100AD, Lucius Barca a 13yo boy and his three best friends are inseparable and live within a stones throw of greatest city in empire - Rome.  

One fateful night, Lucius’ and his friends world is turned upside down when he stumbles upon the empires most famous gladiator - wounded and near death.  Lucius saves the gladiator and takes him home knowing it could mean certain death to him and his family.  

Lucius and his friends make a pact to protect the gladiator and keep him hidden from the authorities.  Lucius and friends, with help of the gladiator, unravel a sinister plot within the royal palace to overthrow the emperor and change the course of history.   

Can Lucius and his friends discover who is responsible for the sinister plot? Lucius and friends risk their lives to break into the emperor’s palace and save the emperor and his daughter.

About The Author

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I am a 42yo husband and father. I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW. I was previously a high school history teacher and recently was medically discharged from NSW Police in Late 2019 after 12years service. I am currently transitioning to a new career and writing full-time.

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