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 A young foundling is abused by the castle's lord. She runs away... only to be found by a wizard.

Gisele is a foundling who is brutally raped by Lord Pharyn. She cannot exact her revenge so instead runs away. Along her road to freedom she is met by murder and intrigue, but with the help of the wizard, Voltaire, and Father Timion, she finds the love of herself again, along with personal healing and an understanding of the journey of life. 

There is, however, a secret that gives her no choice but to return to her beginnings.

Taken into sanctuary she is taught how to love life again, and with the help of the wizard she grows beyond her pain.

About The Author

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I'm British born, retired and now living in Queensland, Australia.

I have survived childhood - falling out of trees, measles, chicken pox, mumps and siblings - also a myriad of other things like relationships and marriage, being tossed off a horse, a broken leg, a broken wrist, bad TV programs, bad food, bad company and a few other bad things, not necessarily in that order... and reasonably well, even if I do say so myself!

I have two gorgeous children - one of each and grown up and doing their own thing now. I have several t-shirts for being reasonably clever at various endeavors. In my spare time I like to do stuff with needles and pins, like sewing, embroidering and cross-stitch, and playing with pencils and crayons. I also like to read, and watch funny movies. And sometimes I like to be middle-aged so that I can frock up in an underdress and a kirtle, don a veil and wimple and go and hang out in a medieval village called Victory.

I now live in a brick box with my teddy bear, Paddington. Oh... and occasionally I write and publish a book.

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