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Starting a new job can be murder…  

Mig Solder’s new place of work is a little… odd. Sure, there’s unlimited free coffee, but there’s also personal messages that seem to have no sender, colleagues that don’t seem quite, well, human, and random emails warning her to run. Now.   

When she discovers her predecessors didn’t quit, they just disappeared, Mig decides to put her obsessive attention to detail to good use and investigate. With the help of her mysterious new neighbor, her spirit-contacting best friend, and her wild grandmothers, Mig uncovers a plot way above her pay grade. 

And once she starts dabbling in the supernatural, the consequences won’t just end in a bad performance review, it may just take her life – and her soul.

About The Author

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Laurie Bell lives in Victoria, Australia with her partner who she adores. As a sci-fi aficionado, she maintains an active blog of science fiction, fantasy, and flash fiction pieces which you can find at :

Laurie also serves as a volunteer for her local theater company. She has had several short stories published in the Antipodean SF e-magazine on and in the Etherea magazine. And of course she has many new books on the go!

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