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Two teenage brothers, one human and one dragon, are separated by war.  

A veteran minotaur, who has seen far too much of war.  An army of condemned prison soldiers, human, ogre, minotaur and dragon their fates doomed.  Sometimes true humanity comes from a dragon,  compassion is found in the hooves of a minotaur,  kindness from the big green hands of an ogre  and true courage from the heart of a boy.  

Part One of the Condemned War, series about three different beings of fantasy in a world of endless war.

About The Author

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Kym Robinson has spent years being punched, thrown and violently hugged across the globe as one of Australia's most prominent Mixed Martial Artists. Now, he likes to help others do the same!

Kym has an insatiable appetite for writing, matched only by his love of reading. He currently resides in South Australia.

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