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In a land on the edge of all that is known dwells Princess Winterhued, erudite, beautiful, broken-hearted. 

The heir to her father's kingdom and raised to be queen, she is troubled by terrifying dreams and now finds the half-demented king turning against her. 

Slimy sycophants whisper in his ear, persuading him that a 'mere woman' is incapable of ruling, and now he ogles the princess's ladies-in-waiting and boasts of begetting a male heir. 

But Winterhued's fears become as naught when a vast and ancient being comes flying on dread wings to lay siege to Castle Lawhill. Trailing fear and slaughter, it traps Winterhued and her people within the broken walls. 

The princess strives to save her subjects, but it seems the only one courageous enough to help her is the lowliest servant-boy in the castle. Yet from the east, riding across wraith-haunted Iron Crag, comes a nameless knight, exiled and condemned, and a horned creature follows him, silent as moonlight.  

An evocative high fantasy set in a medieval world that feels real, tangible, yet woven in myth.

About The Author

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E.H. Alger grew up in Melbourne. After graduating in art and design she pursued a career as a book illustrator, freelancing for many of the major publishing houses. She also wrote and illustrated an acclaimed children’s book, ‘Bertie at the Horse Show’, published by Penguin.   

Keen for adventure, she’s travelled widely and voyaged the world’s oceans aboard eight sailing ships. She lives in rural Victoria surrounded with rescued animals: ex-battery hens, roosters, cats, dogs, six horses and a pet bull.  

Her fantasy, ‘Winterhued’, inspired by a love of dragons, unicorns and medieval history, is her first novel. She is presently working on a trilogy about forbidden magic and an unloved princess.

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