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Irenya O’Neil may be able to summon light from the stars, but is it enough to light the way through her darkest moment yet?  

Her son Mikey is the realm’s new MageGate. Once again, the people of Dar Orien rejoice, ignoring the danger in relying on one source of power. Lose him and they lose everything.  

Having found a new home and the love of an archprince, Irenya is beginning to accept her powerful gifts. But in the world of Dar Orien, her challenges are far from complete. She has come a long way from the terrified young woman who stumbled into Dar Orien with a shopping trolley. 

Can she now convince those in control that her way of accessing power is not a danger, but a pathway to new possibilities?  

The words of the dying seer Fis burn in her mouth as she risks her life in her adopted world. The traitor Riadan is still plotting, and Irenya fears that he plans to take down Elaaron and claim the realm for himself. Until he’s found and stopped, no one she loves is safe.  

As a MageVoice seer, Irenya’s visions will make the people of Dar Orien question all their beliefs. If they refuse to adapt, the realm can never be secure. And how long can she ignore the ache that Mikey still believes he is her brother?  

Can Irenya help to save her home, Dar Orien, and all whom she loves once and for all? Find out in this epic conclusion to the GriffinSong Trilogy!

About The Author

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Judith Michael writes under the name of J Victoria Michael.   

A story-teller, fascinated with other dimensions, time travel and unexpected, remarkable talents, long novels with speculative elements are her favourites, stories that take her to strange places and keep her turning the pages late at night. 

Judith has a passion for classical music and beautiful movement, from ballet to belly-dancing. As a child she made up stories told in dance, wearing out the toes of her shoes to the vexation of her parents. Later, she discovered the joy of story-telling in words. 

Music is her constant muse.  

Proud to be both a New Zealand and Australian writer, she lives in Melbourne with her bossy cat. Influenced by both countries, and time spent living among the flamenco gypsies of Andalusia, as well as communing with mediaeval spirits in France, her worlds have emotive and rich landscapes to explore.

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