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Brigid Humboldt is a high school teacher who has worked hard to fashion a predictable, ordinary life after an anything but ordinary childhood. 

When scientists turn on the Large Hadron Collider, Brigid, inexplicably, becomes the co ruler of, well, everything. She quickly realises that not only must she learn the ropes of a new and not particularly welcomed job, she must also try and work out just which of the apparently multitudinous dark forces that surround her is trying to plunge the planet into an eternal pit of torment. 

With the assistance of her new age parents, an officious spectral administrative executive and a regretful warlock with a deep and abiding interest in 80s cafe food, Brigid uncovers secrets about the liminal worlds that exist above our own. 

Is it just her own life that she has never been able to understand? Or is the very nature of existence far more bizarre than she could have ever imagined?

About The Author

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Eva Leppard is a primary school teacher and her debut novel, The Pitfalls of Being a Goddess, was published by Between the Lines Publishing in March 2023. She has had short stories published in Australian speculative fiction anthologies through Deadset Press and has also been published by UK publishers Raven and Drake and well as with SmashBear Publishing. 

She lives in the Tasmanian bush with an elegantly sufficient amount of children, and a disturbingly large number of rescue animals, many of which she raised by hand whether they liked it or not.

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