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In The Pareidolia Effect, the reader travels upon pathways where tales veer into sci-fi, fantasy, human torment, or even humour and murder. 

In The Troxler Effect, purchasing an antique mirror in Paris may be a mistake that costs a couple their sanity and marriage.  

What if you knew someone was going to die in three days? Would you tell them, even if you had never met them? The Impetuous Epitaph provides the answer.  

Many of David's stories have been written from ideas he perceives in his daily life. As a part time actor he sometime attends auditions, and therefore The Audition came to mind when he noticed the same man at many auditions. A man who nearly always got the role. What if you could find a devious way to kink his armour - would you try it? Of course David wouldn't - or would he? 

A gift from a father to his daughter of an old magic set for her birthday, opens a Pandora's Box, in The Old Magic Set.  

Returning to the dark void, In The Makeup Case, journalist Peggy Woodward's interview with gothic film and stage star, Olga Krahl, leads her to more than a magazine exclusive. 

In The Phantom Spitfire, a pilot returning from an assignment over Germany finds there is another mission to complete before he can retire his goggles; many decades after WW2 ends. 

Two boys in a Kansas wheat field hold the future of the world in their hands in The RH Factor when they encounter two strangers. 

A Japanese man sitting on his porch in The Pareidolia Effect sees a man hiding in the branches of a tree: it consumes his every waking moment. 

In The Bookshop of Illusion, an old owner sells more than the book, and changes people's lives in terrifying ways. 

The Night Sky introduces a touring rock and roll band to the strangest gig of their career. 

Stories handed down for generations may be more amazing than those recorded. The Parting describes a new twist on an old tale of Biblical proportions.  

Have you ever undergone the surgery of a crown placed on a tooth? We do put so much trust in our dentist. The Crown presents a new twist on the pliers.  

Have you ever pushed the truth to impress friends?  It may not have the effect you wished. Josh Mitchell in The Gag realised he should have bragged about his golf prowess, rather  than his service in Afghanistan.   

The Pareidolia Effect takes readers on pathways that may traverse unexpected turns, where people make acquaintance with their worst nightmares, or escape a world of unreality: unsure of its meaning or purpose. David hopes you enjoy these tales, and once again: please, beware of the unexpected.

About The Author

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David is a retired railway man whose hobbies are singing in a rock band, acting and writing. Having only written twelve stories in 1988, in the early 2000's he submitted a couple to a magazine, Narrator International.

Stories were published and this spurred David onto writing in earnest. He decided to publish eBooks and The Other Side is one of them. David does not fit into a single genre but dabbles in many that generally finish with a twist...

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