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Charles Banks, an adventurous English backpacker, arrives at Murchison Station for an enticing job opportunity. 

But what starts as a warm welcome from owner Vern Cardwell and his wife, Martha, quickly turns into a sinister nightmare...

As Charles delves deeper into his role at the remote wheat station, he uncovers the truth behind the high employee turnover and the grim fate that awaits him.

Trapped and at the mercy of Vern’s malevolence, Charles must navigate a treacherous web of deceit and danger, all while clinging to the hope of surviving this isolated and ominous farmstead.

About The Author

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Pauline Yates (she/her) is the Australian author of Memories Don’t Lie; a fast-paced science fiction novel inspired by her love for dark and dangerous action and adventure. An Australian Shadows Awards finalist, her short-form horror and dark fiction appear in numerous publications in Australia and abroad.

Pauline loves writing at midnight when her muse is the most volatile and enjoys taking pictures of the sunrise—if she wakes up in time.

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