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At seven, almost eight, Keene can't understand what's wrong with Mum. 

She lies in bed in the spare room, wasting away, even though she's hooked up to a bag that is meant to make her feel better. Dad describes Mum's illness like 'a darkness inside her'. But Keene's sure something else is responsible.  

He's sure it's the shadow that's killing her.  

So Keene decides to go on an adventure into the bush with just his Border Collie, Bunch, in tow - an adventure that he's sure will save Mum.  But even Keene is not prepared for the dangers he faces.  

The Shadow in the Wind is a story of adventure and magical realism as Keene deals with and learns to reconcile events he's too young to fully understand.

About The Author

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Les Zig is a novelist, screenwriter, and speaker.  

He has five published novels: Just Another Week in Suburbia (Pantera Press 2017), explores the questions of trust, fidelity, and how well you can ever truly know another person; while August Falling (Pantera Press 2018) is a story about unconditional acceptance, reclaiming the past, and finding a way forward; and Prudence (ECG Press 2023), which is a exploration of fidelity, temptation, and our darkest desires.  

As ‘Lazaros Zigomanis’, he wrote the YA novel Song of the Curlew (Pinion Press 2019), a story about dreams, coming of age, community, love, and racism. It has been described by best-selling Young Adult author George Ivanoff as ‘an extraordinary book.’  

His new YA novel, This, tells the story of a 15-year-old dealing with burgeoning neurosis as he navigates social pressures, high school obligations, and his overbearing Greek parents.  

Les is also the writer and director behind the half-hour satire mockumentary Little Diva Rising, which has met with great success on the independent festival circuit; and the web series The Abnorms, a preternatural take on life in lockdown during the pandemic. He also wrote and directed the short action film, The Other Side of Paradise.  He’s had four screenplays optioned, and a raft of unproduced screenplays place in over one hundred competitions. His stories and articles have also been published extensively.  

A lifetime writer, Les has a love of storytelling, and has always wanted to tell stories.

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