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Mystery and mayhem, gadgets and ginger biscuits, high kicks and high tea, mesmerism and monsters in steampunk Melbourne. 

Join Evangeline on her first four adventures with the Alchemist, the Bunyip, the Spiritualist and the Mysterious Lights Four fun and delightful novellas together in one collection.  

Evangeline is a seventeen year old reformed urchin and acrobat, settling into a new life with her long lost father, Professor Caldicott. Life is comfortable in Marvellous Melbourne, but learning to be a lady is awfully dull. Until...  

Evangeline and the Alchemist - Gold is turning dull overnight. Who is swindling the good people of Melbourne with fake gold?  

Evangeline and the Bunyip - Melbourne is under threat from a fearsome Bunyip. Can Evangeline catch the beast and win the reward?  

Evangeline and the Spiritualist - A famous spiritualist moves next door, causing a scandal in the neighbourhood. Is she a charlatan or is she the real thing?  

Evangeline and the Mysterious Lights - Strange lights appearing in the night sky and rumours are running wild. Who, or what, could be responsible?  

The Antics of Evangeline is a collection of steampunk mystery-adventure novellas set in 1880s Melbourne.

About The Author

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Growing up in Tasmania, Madeleine D’Este now lives in inner-city Melbourne surrounded by books.  After studying law (and never practising) and travelling the world, Madeleine now lives a double life, immersed in the corporate world by day and writing female-led speculative and mystery fiction by night. 

Madeleine hosts the weekly Dark Mysteries book review radio show/podcast on, as well as Write Through The Roof, the podcast for writers.  When not writing, Madeleine enjoys podcasts, knitting, forteana, indie films, kettle bells and likes her coffee as ‘black as midnight on a moonless night’.

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