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Dragons of Dusk and Dawn is the latest masterpiece by the legendary Simon Higgins, Aussie author of 15 previous titles.  


Linguist turned military adviser. 

Raised among the intellectual elite of China's mighty Tang Dynasty. He sees warfare as life's cruellest certainty, a necessary evil that must be mastered to ensure survival. Victory calls for study, planning and the application of science.  


Scandinavian raid chief. 

A tenacious, formidable product of resilient Viking society. To his kind, battle is destiny's call to riches and glory. A chance to defeat life's harsh realities through conquest and plunder, to enter the songs of men, the feasting halls of the gods.  

Their cultures lie at opposite ends of the world. They are the dragons of dusk and dawn. Yet Einarr and Wei are fated to be adversaries in a monumental clash — ferocity and cunning against methodical strategy, with the future of a vulnerable kingdom hanging in the balance.  

A thought-provoking, epic adventure, this is the exciting story of a remarkable lost turning point in history that could actually have happened.

"TVs Vikings meets Sun Tzu's Art of War in this action-packed, non-stop adventure. An exciting page turner by a veteran author."

About The Author

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Simon Higgins is a former police officer, prosecutor and private investigator. 

A long-term martial arts student and history buff, his international publishing career spans 25 years, 15 novels, and several foreign language editions. His resume includes 2 bestsellers, 2 Children's Book Council of Australia Notable Book Awards, short-listings for Ned Kelly Crime Fiction and Aurealis Fantasy Awards, and a Fellowship of Australian Writers Award.  

Simon holds a black belt in Iaido and came 5th in the traditional sword art's world titles in Kyoto, Japan, in 2008. He's authored short stories, visual novels, plays and screenplays for internationally-awarded films and animated TV shows. 

Simon has appeared at writers' festivals and taught creative writing and intercultural empathy in schools and universities globally. He now lives in southern China, lecturing tertiary students and writing for TV.

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