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A funny and insightful Own-Voices novel about an autistic teen who realises she's been missing all the signs when it comes to her romantic life.  

"I thought I was nobody's teen crush, but turns out I was just missing the signs."   

Zoe Kelly is starting a new phase of her life. High school was a mess of bullying and autistic masking that left her burnt out and shut down. Now, with an internship at an online media company-the first step on the road to her dream writing career-she is ready to reinvent herself. 

But she didn't count on returning to her awkward and all-too-recent high-school experiences for her first writing assignment.  

When her piece, about her non-existent dating life, goes viral, eighteen-year-old Zoe is overwhelmed and more than a little surprised by the response. But, with a deadline and a list of romantic contenders from the past to reconnect with for her piece on dating, she is hoping one of her old sparks will turn into a new flame.   

Social Queue is a funny and heart-warming own-voices autistic story about deciphering the confusing signals of attraction and navigating a path to love.

About The Author

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Kay Kerr is an autistic author and journalist from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Her latest book, Love & Autism, is out now. It is a narrative non-fiction, celebrating neurodivergent life and love. 

Her first two novels are for Young Adult readers: Please Don’t Hug Me and Social Queue. They have been long and shortlisted for awards including the Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIA), the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) and the Queensland Literary Awards. 

Kay’s freelance writing has appeared in The Guardian, SBS Voices, Daily Life, Broadsheet, and Peppermint Magazine, amongst others. She writes about autistic representation, disability, parenting, pop culture, gardening, and feelings.

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