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Some books should never be left open, not ever!  

Long ago, a book was discovered in a tin box in the garden. No one suspected it had a powerful life force until many years later when inexplicable events beset the tiny sea-side town of Petticoat Bay. 

Are there really monkeys, enormous biting insects and red-eyed wolves haunting Goblin Wood? 

Annabelle Fox discovers the terrible secrets surrounding her new house, Jade Meadow, which is cursed according to the locals. Annabelle and her brother, Marcus, go in search of the truth from the previous owner, Pandora, but she appears to have her mind razed. 

Back at home, they discover their cousin has gone missing, so Annabelle, despite her fears, seeks answers in Goblin Wood. Here she meets the Green Man and many other fairy tale characters. 

They assist her on a mission to save Petticoat Bay from a ruthless globalist known as the Defiler who will do anything to retrieve the Jade Book.

About The Author

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Elizabeth Klein grew up in a small village in New South Wales, Australia. She trained as a teacher and taught for almost thirty years. In 2015, she and her husband left Sydney and now travel in a caravan full time. 

Besides having written many short stories, articles, plays and poems, she’s also authored YA and junior fiction books, as well as educational books.

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