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I'm Cinder and I have a secret, many really.  

From the outside, my life might seem easy, spoilt, even glamorous. Trust me, it's not.  

I have the big house with the magnificent view and people to do my cooking and cleaning. I have everything I need and nothing I want.  

But I met someone. Someone kind, strong, reckless. Mother would not approve.  

With him I feel free for the first time in years, but why have my nightmares returned and what is he doing every night while I sleep?  I'm Cinder and I'm beginning a new life. Will it be more dangerous than the one I am leaving behind?  Oh yes, I almost forgot, don't go out around here after dark.  

The first book in the Anchor and the Moon series. Cinder and Black is a shifter romance, modern-day reimagining of the Cinderella fairytale; set against the backdrop of a small beach town. 

If you love Vampires, Werewolves, sexy surfers, and dairy cows, this is the book for you.

About The Author

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Maxx Victor is an Australian author, musician, and secondary school science teacher, who has achieved award winning success with his short stories. 

A dedicated husband and proud father of two, he is also highly involved in his local arts community; performing in bands and producing and directing amateur films.  

Maxx's author journey began at a very young age. As a child with dyslexia, reading and writing were a constant struggle. To help, his father implemented the nightly routine of reading Titin and Asterix comics and Biggles books to Maxx and his brother; installing a lifelong passion for reading. Maxx’s mother also encouraged him to write stories (some which he has kept to this day).  

During his secondary school years, Maxx unearthed a love for music. He regularly wrote poetry and song lyrics, as well as scripts for plays and short films. Something again sparked the curiosity for writing stories when Maxx's children were toddlers. He frequently created impromptu, twisted fairy-tale bedtime stories, with his family members as the main characters. 

Maxx now writes teen fiction and hopes that his writing can inspire young people to be defined by their passions and talents, not by the things that the world will tell them are impairments.

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