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It’s 1543 and English teenager Daniel Marlowe has been thrown into a harrowing first contact situation. 

Separated from his diplomat father by a shipwreck, he's stranded in a Japan torn by vicious inter-clan warfare. Spies, deserters and masterless warriors are everywhere.

Kenji, a warlord’s son, has an equally dire problem. He’s fled an obligation with a stain on his honour and must get home despite roaming bandits and clashing armies waiting in his path.

Courageous orphan Otsu, born of samurai blood and forced to flee her commoner hosts, has her own chilling secret, linked to the weird doll called Chiyo that she carries inside her kimono.

Fated to become ‘tomodachi’ -friends- these three young travellers are also destined for dangerous adventures as they cross a beautiful land haunted by the shadow of the sword.

About The Author

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Simon Higgins is a former police officer, prosecutor and private investigator. 

A long-term martial arts student and history buff, his international publishing career spans 25 years, 15 novels, and several foreign language editions. He's also authored short stories, visual novels, plays and screenplays for internationally-awarded films and animated TV shows. 

Simon has mentored emerging authors, appeared at writers' festivals and taught creative writing, intercultural empathy and critical thinking in schools and universities around the world. He currently lives in southern China, lecturing tertiary students and writing for television.

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