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Industry Podcast Show Notes

Episode 18

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Hosts Veronica and Darren are proud to present our first academic based industry special! 

In this episode we were delighted to speak with the warm and wonderful Dr. Annika Herb from the University of Newcastle, who not only so passionately shared her current exploration of the readers experience of queer representations in young adult literature, but also delved into the importance of "own voices" in story telling, the power of readership and its ability to shape the future of publishing, and the disruption of post apocalyptic fiction! And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Industry Information

Dr Annika Herb is a sessional academic at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Her areas of research include Young Adult and Children’s Literature, creative writing, and popular culture.

#7 Sq Romance Panel 3.png

Click below to learn more about our Industry Superstar!


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