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Industry Podcast Show Notes

Episode 30

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To celebrate Australia Reads and the Australian Reading Hour, we've put together an audio extravaganza of truly spectacular Aussie authors reading from one of their amazing stories! So tune up the ears and ready the imagination for the following wonderful audio treasures - The Good, The Bad and the Undecided (Laurie Bell), Making March (Hayley Walsh), Gloam (Averil Drummond), The Brotherhood of the Dragon (Phil Hore), How to Survive Your Magical Family (Clare Rhoden), Life In The Past Lane (Michael O'Brien), Secrets and Showgirls (Catherine McCullagh), The Decisions They Made (Maria P. Frino), Ochre Dragon (V. E. Patton), We Call It Monster (Lachlan Walter), Horror (Phil Hore), The Midnight Man (Kevin Klehr), One Summer In Santorini (Sandy Barker), Jilda's Ark (Verity Croker), Will You Keep Me Tomorrow (Steven Irwin Fine) and Return of the Yggdrasil (Mark Lleonart).

Industry Information

Hit play for a huge selection of exclusive author readings from their works!

#7 Sq Romance Panel 3.png

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