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Industry Podcast Show Notes

Episode 39

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Here it is! Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a warm and wonderful Christmas edition featuring interviews with incredible authors and readings from the anthology Christmas Australis - A Frighteningly Festive Anthology Of Spine Jingling Tales...

If the festive season is anything, it's a celebration of dreams and goals, and we hope you can enjoy this edition of the Australian Book Lovers podcast as something special and a little inspiring as summer and magic begins...

Industry Information

Christmas Australis is a little Aussie dream made possible by V. E. Patton (Author), Darren Kasenkow (Author), Emily Wrayburn (Author), Lyn Webster (Author), Andrew Roff (Author), Natasha O'Connor (Author), Madeleine D'Este (Author), Belinda Grant (Author), Cassi Strachan (Illustrator), and Peter Dunn (Editor).

Together they bring a guarantee that your festive season reading will be like no other!

#7 Sq Romance Panel 3.png

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