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Meet Willa Waters, aged 8 . . . 33 . . . and 93. 

On one impossible day in 1965, eight-year-old Willa receives a mysterious box containing a jar of water and the instruction: ‘One ocean: plant in the backyard.’ So she does - and somehow creates an extraordinary time-slip that allows her to visit her future selves. 

On one impossible day in 1990, Willa is 33 and a mother-of-two when her childhood self magically appears in her backyard. But she’s also a woman haunted by memories of her dark past – and is on the brink of a decision that will have tragic repercussions . . . 

On one impossible day in 2050, Willa is a silver-haired, gumboot-loving 93-year-old whose memory is fading fast. Yet she knows there’s something she has to remember, a warning she must give her past selves about a terrible event in 1990. 

If only she could recall what it was. 

Can the three Willas come together, to heal their past and save their future, before it’s too late?

Praise for A Lifetime Of Impossible Days -

“Lifetime of impossible days is brilliant. You will laugh, cry and everything in between, it's funny, sad, happy, quirky and odd, and one of the most satisfying books I've read all year! This is one of those rare books you have to keep reading to find out what happens- And you will fall in love with the Willas. I could not put it down!” - Booktopia Review

“This book is beautifully and sensitively written. The story line is unique and magical but is written in a way that makes perfect sense and is easy to follow. It deals with some heavy topics but is a story of hope and healing. I'm definitely going to read it again, and I've bought it as a gift for a friend as well. Highly recommend!!” - Booktopia Review

About The Author

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Tabitha Bird is an artist and author who lives with her family and chihuahua in Boonah, Australia where her magical novels are set. Her debut, A LIFETIME OF IMPOSSIBLE DAYS (Penguin, 2019) was the 2020 winner of The Queensland Literary Award- People’s Choice Book of the Year. It was also shortlisted for the M.U.D Literary award. 

Her second book, THE EMPORIUM OF IMAGINATION is also a work of adult fiction, heavily dusted with magic (Penguin, 2021).

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