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1890, Northern England. Hannah Todd dreams of a future where women have the right to vote.  

Fresh from her teaching studies in Durham, the university city, she joins her parents in a rural village, brimming with newly found passion and the groundswell towards women's suffrage unfolding in London. Working tirelessly to help women and children in the county, Hannah is determined to make the fight for the vote her life's work, adding her voice to the rising chorus across the nation and hopes of a new world and a new way of thinking.  

But soon she must fight a new, unexpected battle - that of the yearning of her own heart - and discovers that when power is threatened, darkness, brutality and dangerous, closely guarded secrets are never too far from the surface. 

How far can she go to fight for what's right?  

From the exciting, progressive hive of London to the traditional villages of the rural north, A Woman of Courage rings with the strength and struggles of women at time of momentous change ... and the choices one woman must make to help forge a new future.

About The Author

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Tania Blanchard writes historical fiction inspired by the true stories and the rich cultural heritage of her family's history. Her bestselling, acclaimed stories of love, loss and hope and the challenges facing women in defining moments in modern history span world wars and pivotal moments in time during great social and political upheaval, and are beloved by readers everywhere. 

Her books The Girl from Munich, Suitcase of Dreams, Letters from Berlin and Daughter of Calabria are bestsellers. She lives in Sydney with her husband and three children. 


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