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‘You must kill her, elf. Kings will rise and fall, and they will want a powerful queen. You will spend the next centuries giving your life for hers as they seek her out.’ 

Ake and her son are destined to defeat the evil goddess Drianna, who has hunted her since childhood. Now a powerful mage, Ake is tortured by her past. Her elven husband has vowed to protect them, but evil has a way of sinking its fangs in and refusing to let go. As Drianna reaches the peak of her power Ake realizes she must fight for those she loves if she is ever to defeat Drianna and find peace. 

Trying to save the man you love while he is consumed by an inner darkness always comes at a cost…

Ake's Ascent in Book 2 of The Stars Fallen series.

About The Author

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Nadine has been an avid reader and writer since her early childhood, from publishing poems to creating her first novel at thirteen, The Primal Heartbeat, and publishing it in her early adulthood. The Primal Heartbeat has since been edited and updated. 

Nadine is an avid gamer and role-player, as well as creator of fiction and fantasy novels. She also loves archery and nature. After dealing with adversity and overcoming it, Nadine writes books that show even powerful characters are inherently flawed. That these weaknesses can often become our strengths as long as we remain true to ourselves. 

Nadine’s writing reflects on the dark side of humanity as well as the good side and how, even though we think we are worthless, we can change our destiny, just as her memorable characters do. Nadine’s other books were written on a whim, designed for and dedicated to a special needs child who didn’t relate to any of the books on the market. Seeing a representation of themself in the children’s book encouraged them to improve their reading skills and develop a love of reading.

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