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At twenty-eight, Marlene Ellis finds herself pregnant, abandoned by Jack—the married man she was having an affair with—and alone in a city that’s not her home.

Sitting at an abortion clinic, she receives a call from Grace, her twin sister. Mum is dead. Shock propels Marle to leave the clinic and take the next bus back to Baymoore—the small town that she has shunned since the day she left. Marle works hard to pick up the pieces of the life she left behind, but it's no easy task and there are many obstacles along the way. 

From shadows of the past to Jack and her pregnancy, will Marle succeed in finding her way back home?

About The Author

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Author, Olivia Simons, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and went on to develop her debut novel, Among Other Things. She spends her time between work as a copywriter and searching through hidden bookshops. If you can’t find her, she’s probably at home reading.

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