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Sent blind soon after birth David Hume stubbornly refused to live the limited life well-meaning elders and social norms expected. 

‘I do not wake in the morning and regret I’m blind. No, I wake and look to another win in a busy life.’ 

To date, that encompasses years in a blind institute, two marriages, grieving for two outstanding wives, founding recruiting firms, devising marketing techniques, facing business collapse, sailing ocean races and through much of it, being the lead singer in popular bands. 

If you enjoy a short biography that inspires, saddens, cheers and sticks in your memory, then don’t put aside Blind Without Barriers.

About The Author

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David's life began in a world devoid of light, a premature birth leaving him blind. The irony of life-saving oxygen robbing him of sight set the stage for a remarkable journey of resilience and perseverance. 

At five, David was sent to a special school for blind children, far from the warmth of home. Here, he faced the harsh realities of life, including bullying from older children, which only fueled his determination to be self-reliant and resilient.  

As a young man, David confronted a world where opportunities for the visually impaired were scarce and societal expectations low. But in this darkness, he discovered the power of 'second sight'—the ability to use foresight, insight, and hindsight to shape dreams and visions. Guided by forward-thinking mentors, David envisioned a life of independence, realized through the companionship of seven guide dogs over the years, providing him with mobility and a sense of freedom.  

David's professional journey was marked by challenges and triumphs. He found financial stability in local government and radio jobs, and gained confidence through debating and public speaking. His personal life flourished when he met and married Ruth, a former nun, with whom he had three sons. 

Despite societal prejudices, David thrived, using sophisticated telephone techniques to secure high-level recruitment assignments across continents, often influencing lives without ever meeting the individuals in person.  

His passion for sailing led him to dream of being the first blind person in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Along with psychiatrist Mike Epstein, David purchased a Farr 37 racer cruiser, named "Out Of Sight Out Of Mind." Their participation in the race, particularly its 50th anniversary marked by violent storms, highlighted David's courage and determination. However, a disastrous engine failure forced them to retire, a decision made in the face of overwhelming odds.  

Personal tragedy struck with the loss of his wife, Ruth, to cancer. The strength David displayed in raising their three sons alone and later finding love again with Liz, creating a blended family, is a testament to his resilience and capacity for love.  

Throughout his career, David's diverse background in media, manufacturing, and retail, coupled with his problem-solving skills, deeply impacted many as a recruitment professional. His journey is not just a story of overcoming physical blindness but also a lesson in seeing beyond societal limitations and personal hardships.  

David's story, encompassing self-discipline, resilience, responsibility, forgiveness, and family values, is a compelling narrative that offers hope and inspiration. It is a testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity and a reminder that vision is not just seen with the eyes, but with the heart and mind. 

This tale is not just about a man who couldn't see but about a man who taught the world a different way to look at life.

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