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Mich Janelle is a disgraced Hunter who wants to find out who set her up for murder. 

Zeth Wen made the worst mistake of his life, and now a space cruiser full of children are dead. 

Rel Charley was a child of alien occupation and is now a man facing prejudice at every turn. 

When the PIs are forced to team up to solve the gruesome murder of a mid-level tech smuggler, no one is happy. But as the clues piece together and the bodies pile up, the three must work together if they are to prevent a shocking conspiracy to kill millions. 

As Zeth and Rel face their demons to prevent a bloodbath, Mich must wrestle with a voice that has lived inside her mind since she was locked away, one that whispers … kill them all … 

An electrifying sci-fi thriller from the author of White Fire, Boss From Hell, and The Stones of Power series.

About The Author

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Laurie Bell lives in Victoria, Australia with her partner who she adores. As a sci-fi aficionado, she maintains an active blog of science fiction, fantasy, and flash fiction pieces which you can find at :

Laurie also serves as a volunteer for her local theater company. She has had several short stories published in the Antipodean SF e-magazine on and in the Etherea magazine. And of course she has many new books on the go!

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