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I buried my father,married my sister and sorted the missing will.”

Quinn, a celebrant with style and a few obsessions, but a good heart, solves quirky problems, mysteries and the occasional murder at weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies in her country town.

An ex-actor with a great voice who writes eulogies to die for, not forgetting a few quotable 'Quinn's Laws of Relativity', Quinn is a romantic, yet asexual, and lives with her long term partner Art who runs community Channel Zero.

The work-style of a celebrant is never routine.

Fake I.D. Fraud. Fights, even to the death, over wills and inheritance. Mislaid rings. Lost bride. Food poisoning. Clients of various ages  and cultures are well looked after... Even vintage millionairess Flora with the much young lover who might be a con- artist.

Quinn solves most problems,but not always in the expected way.

Praise for Celebrant Sleuth -

'An excellent summer read for those who prefer their sleuths to be more Miss Marple than Nordic Noir.' Goldie Alexander

'...written in a pacy, modern way...' Cel Jel  Good Reads

'...just love the whole voice of this the first paragraph and was hooked.' Jen Mc Veity

'...witty,funny, absorbing, fascinating... and only a few pages into it ...' Meredith Fuller, psychologist

'...Particularly relevant ...was the inclusive and natural way in which gender diversity was explored and presented.'  Pam Russell

About The Author

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Hazel Edwards OAM  is interested in stories crossing mediums and has published over 200 titles. ‘Celebrant Sleuth: I do or die’, (print and e book) an adult mystery with an asexual sleuth is her latest AUDIBLE fiction, plus  KINDLE sequel ‘Wed Then Dead on The Ghan’ being adapted as a screenplay with co-writer/producer Geoffrey Wright.

Co-written ‘Hijabi Girl’ series  soon to tour as  ‘Larrikin Puppets’ musical  explores cultural diversity. ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake’ series, turned 40 in 2020.

Her memoir ‘Not Just a Piece of Cake-Being an Author’ explores longterm creativity. Hazel is the current patron of the Society of Women’s Writers (Victoria).

She also reads in the bath. You can learn more about Hazel by visiting

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