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Chickabella is supposed to be minding her seven younger siblings, but when she borrows her mother's magical wand colourful mischief follows...

Young children will love looking at the bright pictures and joining in with making the shapes and sounds of what each diversely named chick wants to be when they grow up.

Each page helps you introduce children to a different colour of the rainbow.

Buy Chickabella and the Rainbow Magic for an entertaining and educational read-aloud story today!

About The Author

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Veronica Strachan was born to working class parents in Melbourne's northern suburbs. 

The birth of her second daughter who had a severe brain injury changed the direction of Veronica's life forever. The lessons she learned from Jacqueline Bree's life and death are now her touchstone for living a whole, vibrant and remarkable life. 

From her early career as a nurse and midwife, through evolutions as a project and change manager, CEO and consultant, Veronica now divides her time between writing and coaching remarkable women leaders who want to make a powerful and compassionate impact on the world.  

Veronica and her daughter Cassi have teamed up for "The Adventures of Chickabella", a read-aloud children's picture book series about basic concept: "Chickabella and the Rainbow Magic", "Chickabella Counts to Ten" and "Chickabella Shapes Up".  Chickabella is dedicated to the memory of her sister, Mary who told the best stories. 

Veronica has also written "Breathing While Drowning: One Woman's Quest for Wholeness" and "The Wholeness Quest Workbook & Journal: Reflections on the 10 stages of the Heroine's Journey."  She is currently completing, Soul Staff: Book Two of The Opal Dreaming Chronicles, which is due for release in late 2020. Ochre Dragon: Book One of The Opal Dreaming Chronicles was released in February 2019 under the pen name V.E. Patton. 

You can find out more and sign up for her newsletter at or follow her on Twitter @truedialogue or Instagram @writer_ron

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