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For lovers of Australian historical fiction and Rural Romance with a historical theme.  

Can two wounded hearts find peace in a time of war?  

1944. Widow Poppy Guilford is fighting to save her farm, the one thing tethering her to her husband - and the legacy promised for their young son. But a devastating secret from her husband's past threatens to derail her struggle to save the property and keep her son by her side.  

Former soldier JB Beaton's wartime injuries and personal losses have left him with scars, both inside and out. Believing he's too damaged to be the father his son deserves, he leaves him with his sister and takes on a job as a farmhand, far away from the city and his failures.  

Poppy, battling the elements and the heartache of her husband's secret, finds the new farmhand is never far from her thoughts, and JB's world is thrown into disarray by one of the most beautiful and capable women he has ever met. 

Neither can battle the surge of attraction they both feel.  

In a small town where gossip reigns, will they surrender to duty or follow their hearts?  

'You'll be cheering for this wartime Australian heroine well before the last page as she fights to find her voice, her feet and love after heartbreak. Nancy Cunningham's emotional debut novel is a cracker.' 

Bestselling Australian author Victoria Purman

About The Author

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Nancy is a historical romance writer from Adelaide, South Australia where she lives with her partner, her book obsessed, gorgeous, curly-haired daughter, and a retired greyhound named Molly. When not writing fiction, Nancy works as a research scientist in entomology.  

When not obsessing over historical romance in books and on screen, or being the family chief spider wrangler, her creative heart beats loudest when writing stories involving stoic heroines of the past overcoming adversity.  

Her debut novel, In the Deluge (previously The Bridge), has been a winner and finalist in several awards, including the prestigious Valerie Parv Award and the Romance Writers of America West Houston 'Emilys', and was longlisted for the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Award in 2020 and the Sapphire in 2021. In 2020 it won the CYA All-Stars Conference Unpublished Adult Manuscript prize.  

Find out more about Nancy here:

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