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Edward has a twin sister, or rather had, until cancer took Milly away from them. 

Edward lives with his mother, Vanessa. His father was also taken by cancer when he and Milly were young. His mother had returned to work and beginning a life without her husband when Milly was diagnosed. She and Edward know about grief and their sadness was compounded because Milly was only ten when she passed.   

Milly had a magical power, she was able to shapeshift into a cat. This power was inherited by Edward, although he isn’t able to control when he transforms - Milly didn’t concede all her powers to her twin. However, Edward finds a way to use his power as Milly the Cat to help kids at his school who are being bullied, which includes him.

During Year 6, Edward is terrorised by Chase and his cronies, but thankfully they don’t follow him to his new high school. But this isn’t the end of being bullied, Buster and his gang are waiting for the geeks who arrive at Redman High in Year 7. Edward enlists the help of other geeks like him, and along with his friend Trudi and another unexpected helper, they give back as much as they receive. 

Edward, as Milly the Cat and along with all the geeks, does his best to stop the bullies and teach others how to stand up to this abuse.  This magical realism story is for young adult readers from ten years of age up to adults who enjoy stories that involve magic. It is a coming-of-age story that shows how grief can be debilitating but with time, life can return as does happiness. 

Edward uses his power for good making good friends along the way while becoming the person he wants to be. There will be a sequel to Edward’s Cat, the idea is still forming so stay tuned for more in 2024.

About The Author

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Maria has made a career in using words to communicate. Working at a TV station, her first paid job, nurtured Maria's love of words. A move to Sydney to study Communications gave her the opportunity to work with advertising & public relations agencies, corporate companies and newspapers. She has written PR, ads and newsletters for products from food to jewellery, fashion and interiors as well as garden and building products. 

When she is not writing corporate communications or as a Senior Reviewer for the online site, Weekend Notes, she works on her short stories and novels.   

Her first published story, The Studio is a crime short story. Xenure Station: A Billion Light Years is Maria’s second short story. Both are available as eBooks wherever books are sold online.  The Decision They Made, Maria’s debut novel and her other books are available on her website –

Buy these books as eBooks or print. Weaving Words, an anthology Maria collaborated on, is also available as an audiobook. Maria contributed two short stories to this anthology along with eight other authors.

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