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In this the final book of the Edward’s Cat trilogy, the bullies, Donovan and Parker join a gang and wreak more havoc, even though they were warned by Edward putting a paralysing spell on them showing their awful future if they kept on this path. 

Logan and Jack, along Chloe and their other geek friends, fend off these bullies as best they can, they want to rid their school of bullies. When Donovan and Parker begin targeting them outside of school, ramping up their vendetta, things take an awful turn. Logan negotiates secondary school with bullies taunting him and his friends. 

Along with Jack and Chloe who are able to shapeshift like Logan, they terrorise the bullies right back in their animal forms, but it’s not easy to rely on two cats and a dog to rid Glenndale of bullies. This is when Edward and Noel, Logan’s and Jack’s fathers are brought in to help out. Logan and his friends grow up in this third book and negotiate life outside of school. 

The A-Alliance and other magical society friends are asked to assist in the fight against the bullies. They do but this causes issues with their secret, the fact they are Magicals, almost exposed. This is a huge problem because the Magicals have been a secret society for thousands of years. This magical realism story is for young adult readers from 13 years of age up to adults who enjoy stories that involve magic, relationships, and drama. 

The first book is Edward’s coming-of-age story showing how grief can be debilitating but with time, life can return to some semblance of normal. Edward used his magical power for good, making good friends along the way while becoming the person he wanted to be.

About The Author

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My career is in using words to communicate. As a freelance writer, I have written and edited PR, ads, corporate communications, and newsletters. For products from food to jewellery, fashion, and interiors as well as garden and building products. When I'm not writing corporate communications or as a Senior Reviewer for the online site, Weekend Notes, I work on my self-published fiction books. ​ 

My first published story, The Studio is a short crime story. Xenure Station: A Billion Light Years is my second short story. Both are available as eBooks wherever books are sold online. The Decision They Made, my debut novel, and my other books are available on my website – Weaving Words, an anthology I collaborated on, is also available as an audiobook. I contributed two short stories to this anthology along with eight other authors. I am open to collaborations with fellow authors and artists. 

You can follow me on X, Instagram, Threads, and Facebook. As mentioned, I am happy to collaborate with other creatives - writing, editing, publishing, or podcasts. I have been interviewed on a few podcasts and have interviewed authors as well. I'm happy to discuss book publishing, writing, and collaborations with you. 

Recently, with other authors, I set up Sydney Authors Inked, a collective of self-published authors who do free book talks in Sydney. We discuss books, reading, publishing, and all book-related topics. We have introduced an interview format where Sydney Authors Inked is in conversation with an author, traditional or self-published. We have authors interested in being interviewed. These talks are currently held at The Little Big House, Summer Hill, a beautiful space where events like ours are held regularly. Anyone is welcome to attend, look out for tickets on Humanitix.

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