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After receiving a substantial inheritance, thirty-seven-year-old aspiring writer, Theresa, moves to the High Country of Victoria, Australia, to finally write the novel she had always planned. 

Here, she meets and marries Rick Goodman, a former TV star and local entrepreneur.  More than a decade her senior, Rick is charming and successful, and the most lovingly attentive partner Theresa has ever had. He encourages her dreams to write a novel and rekindles her long-forgotten desire to have a child. 

Life on their idyllic Alpine property is bliss, until Rick gets a text message from his ex-wife, Anita, the glamourous daughter of a wealthy TV producer. Rick tells Theresa that Anita has run off overseas with her new boyfriend, and that they must care for his teenage daughter, Chloe.   

While her efforts to bond with her bewildered and resentful stepdaughter fall flat, Theresa is overjoyed when she falls pregnant. 

But as months go by with no word from Anita, Theresa’s search for answers leads her to the women in Rick’s past, and she must uncover the truth about their lives, in time to save herself and her unborn child.

About The Author

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Naomi Shippen lives in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and has two adult sons. Although she has always wanted to write, it was not until recent years that she began pursuing her passion.

Naomi’s work has appeared in oranges journal, Word Mothers and the anthology, Life in the Time of Corona. Her debut novel, Far From Harm, is a domestic suspense set in the High Country of Victoria, Australia, and she is currently working on her next book.

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