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AD 576. 

A time of upheaval for the people of the Summer Land - the Saxons push further westward, a new religion supplants the old, unexpected alliances are formed and deadly rivalries fester - son against father, brother against brother. 

Eleri Gwir, the daughter of a chieftain, speaks only the truth – and one thing she knows is that war is coming and that a reckoning awaits her people. The Red Cloaks of Caer Baddan, the last remnant of the Roman legions on British soil, represent hope for Eleri and for all the Summer Land. 

And their leader Macsen represents something else for Eleri herself – new possibilities, new horizons to explore. 

As the decisive battle between the Britons and the Saxons draws near, Eleri and her people must decide what their role will be in this story.

Praise for Glass Island -

“I really enjoyed this well researched and insightful novel. It was fascinating to see this turning point in British history from the perspective of the "losing side", and some of the descriptive writing was truly excellent. Well worth a read for anyone interested in British history.” - Amazon Review

“A thrilling saga of the Dark Ages, Glass Island recounts the tumultuous days before war between the Saxons and native Britons comes to pass. Speaker of the truth and leader of the Summer Lands, Eleri Gwir is an inspirational protagonist and navigates through difficult strategic situations and equally tricky personal choices. Part love story and part epic historical novel, Glass Island is notable for strong female characters. The author has evidently conducted extensive research about the period, which given the paucity of historical records, is no mean feat. This beautifully descriptive story brings skilfully to life an almost unrecorded period in our history and will, no doubt, be of great interest to readers of Bernard Cornwell.” - Amazon Review

About The Author

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Originally from North Wales, I now live in Sydney with my wife Sue. My working career encompassed teaching, research and writing. Since retiring I have focused on my long-held ambition to write novels. 

To date, I have published three novels, one an historical novel (Glass Island), the others fantasy adventure novels for young adults (The Voting Tree and The Lost Lands). The sequel to Glass Island will be published in June 2021. When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading, music and Scandi film and TV.

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