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Governments have fallen. Corporations control the world. Now their eyes are on Mars. But Benjamin Drake is about to ruin everyone's plans.  

Benjamin has an uncomplicated life, hauling cargo around the world in his Hydrostar, until a run of bad decisions leaves him with nothing to haul. Down on his luck and desperate for a contract, he makes a decision that he instantly regrets. 

As Drake gets caught in a tug of war between a mining mogul and the world's most ruthless security force, he realizes alliances must be forged if he is to come out of this alive. But who can he trust?   

Set in the near-future, Hauler is the first book in the Benjamin Drake adventure series, filled with witty dialogue, flawed heroes, and plenty of bad decisions.

About The Author

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"Interesting storyline with great characters. lookikng forward to the next book to see what is in store for Drake. Enjoyed the futuristic technology ideas, the 'hauler' mentality and hopefullly the future love interest!" - Amazon Review

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