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Primary school teacher Annie Yates has a great job and friends she can count on, but her love life has never worked out the way she wanted.

If it wasn’t bad enough that, years ago, she fell madly in love with Jack Delaney before realising he was gay, now her new fiancé has walked out on her. Her world has come crashing down. All she’s ever wanted was security, love and a family of her own. Her plans for motherhood have gone out the door… or have they?

Jack, now Annie’s best friend, wants to co-parent together. Plenty of women have babies and end up co-parenting, so what’s so bad about starting out that way? This is a second chance she never expected, but nothing ever did go smoothly for Annie.

Is having a baby with your gay best friend a recipe for disaster, or could this be the platonic love story Annie had never imagined?

Praise for Having It All -

"A beautifully written story about social norms, friendship and parenthood. Highly recommended!" - Amazon Review

"I'm sure you'll love hearing all about Annie and Jack and their mission to 'have it all'! Five stars :)" - Amazon Review

About The Author

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Larissa Johns always loved writing and grew up dreaming of becoming a published author. She celebrated her love of writing through completing a journalism degree, but soon found it was not the right fit for her.

Larissa decided to pursue a career in education instead, and now works as a primary school teacher in Brisbane, Australia.

​In her spare time Larissa loves all types of pop culture, including reading, music and far too many trips to the cinemas. She also devotes herself to spoiling her pet cavoodle, Indiana Johns. “Having It All” is her first book.

To learn more, Larissa would love for you to vist -

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