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Would you really want your vacation to last forever?

First Office Rice leads a supply mission to a mysterious Earth colony that shouldn't exist. Violent looting leads security chief Banks to investigate organised crime on the ship. And a newly-wed couple realise their honeymoon has become a life sentence.

Avaline wanted a perfect honeymoon on board the luxury cruise ship Jewel of The Stars, but when an alien invasion of Earth forced her ship into unexplored space, her vacation turns into a life sentence. She’s determined to fight with everything she has to hold onto her perfect dream, byt why isn’t her new husband fighting with her?  

A series of lootings on the ship turn violent, prompting security chief Jaylen Banks to investigate potential organised crime, while first officer Maya Rice leads a supply mission to a mysterious earth colony that shouldn’t exist. When the invading aliens catch up and strand them on the planet, they meet what might be a new ally. 

The big question is, can they trust him?

About The Author

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Adam David Collings is an author of speculative fiction. He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife Linda and his two children.  

Adam draws inspiration for his stories from his over-active imagination, his life experiences and his faith. He is a great lover of stories and is the host of the Nerd Heaven podcast where he discusses sci-fi and fantasy from TV, film, and books. 

You can also find these discussions on youTube.

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