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Casper Gray goes to bed a happily married man.  

He wakes up questioning whether everything is a lie.  

Life in suburbia holds few surprises for Casper. He and his wife Jane are still trying for a baby after seven years. His neighbours have their quirks to be navigated. And his job as a high school teacher, while satisfying, comes with its challenges.  Every day is much like the one before – that is, until Casper makes a discovery that threatens everything he knows…  

As Casper’s fears grow into obsessions, his world starts to unravel.  

Just Another Week in Suburbia is a story about love, trust, and insecurity, and the question of whether you can ever really know another person.

About The Author

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Les Zig is a novelist, screenwriter, and speaker.  

He has five published novels: Just Another Week in Suburbia (Pantera Press 2017), explores the questions of trust, fidelity, and how well you can ever truly know another person; while August Falling (Pantera Press 2018) is a story about unconditional acceptance, reclaiming the past, and finding a way forward; and Prudence (ECG Press 2023), which is a exploration of fidelity, temptation, and our darkest desires.  

As ‘Lazaros Zigomanis’, he wrote the YA novel Song of the Curlew (Pinion Press 2019), a story about dreams, coming of age, community, love, and racism. It has been described by best-selling Young Adult author George Ivanoff as ‘an extraordinary book.’  

His new YA novel, This, tells the story of a 15-year-old dealing with burgeoning neurosis as he navigates social pressures, high school obligations, and his overbearing Greek parents.  

Les is also the writer and director behind the half-hour satire mockumentary Little Diva Rising, which has met with great success on the independent festival circuit; and the web series The Abnorms, a preternatural take on life in lockdown during the pandemic. He also wrote and directed the short action film, The Other Side of Paradise.  He’s had four screenplays optioned, and a raft of unproduced screenplays place in over one hundred competitions. His stories and articles have also been published extensively.  

A lifetime writer, Les has a love of storytelling, and has always wanted to tell stories.

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