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Free agents or captives of our past? In Life, Bound, characters find themselves caught in situations not of their own making, or trapped by ingrained habits, walking in grooves carved out by past events.

An artist’s progress is pleasingly channelled into a pattern laid down a century earlier. A solitary man’s story is almost preordained, but is indecipherable to researchers looking back some sixty years later. Karma mops up in the wake of a mousy clerk. A local legend falls foul of the town gossip. Spouses are constrained or liberated by love.

Sexuality, gender, resentments, attachments and perversities all play a part. Yet the grip of the past needn’t always hold firm.

Many protagonists are offered a potentially life-changing moment; whether or not they grasp it is up to them.

Praise for Life, Bound - 

‘Marian Matta’s superb stories are both uplifting and heart wrenching. She delves into the psyche with characters so astutely drawn that you want to follow them off the page. This is a deeply rewarding collection from a writer who knows how to express the intricacies of what it means to be human in a world that pulses with beauty, uncertainty and despair.’ – Joanna Atherfold Finn, author of Watermark

‘Warm and witty stories. Marian Matta reveals her characters with razor-sharp clarity.’ – Lynette Washington, author of

Plane Tree Drive

'Loved this collection of intriguing short stories. Superb writing, fascinating characters - little capsules of life that burrowed into my heart and left me wanting to know more!' - Lyn, Goodreads

About The Author

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For decades I wrote whatever was called for, from medical articles and historical research to film scripts, but I began concentrating on the short story format in 2006 after being inspired by Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain and relishing the creative freedom provided by online fan fiction. 

I’m a grandmother, history tragic, Internet junkie and circus student – all activities which feed the imagination – and I live in the hills outside Melbourne. 

Getting up on stage in a daffy costume is one of my great pleasures. I am pleased to call Heath Ledger my muse. That gentle, generous and gracious man continues to inspire me in so many ways. To know more, visit

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