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Light in the Dark is a playful illustrated children’s book that teaches children not to be afraid of the dark.

The story follows a young boy using play through hide and seek with his dad to see the lighter sides of the dark and cleverly utilises the different colours of the rainbow to also teach children about colours.

And to add a bit more fun, there is a ‘find the star’ on each spread.

About The Author

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It was at a young age that David found his love for the written word. He enjoyed sitting quietly and reading a range of genres with his favourites including history, science-fiction and encyclopedias.

At the age of 14, he found his passion for writing and began penning his first novel before setting his sights on the world of journalism. In 2011, David began working with a small independent newspaper in Shepparton, Victoria and honed his writing, spelling and punctuation and interviewing.

What followed was over a decade in experience working in the communications and marketing industry, before he published his first children’s illustrated book, ‘Calm of the Storm,’ in 2019, followed by ‘Light in the Dark’ in 2020. Today, David still enjoys reading history and science-fiction, but has gained a passion for true crime and thrillers.

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