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Bookish, nonbinary Ruarnon thought their biggest challenge was proving a worthy heir to Tarlah's perfect King...

But when assassins strike, and their parents are abducted, Ruarnon must shoulder the burden of the throne in the face of unreliable allies and a brutal, expansionist neighbour. 

To end a war that's overshadowed their kingdom's entire history, Ruarnon will need more than a sharp mind and superior tactics; they'll need a bargaining chip.  

Trapped in Ruarnon's world, Linh is desperate to return to loved ones in Australia and isn't above using the locals' belief she's a figure from their myths to do so. But her best shot at getting home involves sailing to Ruarnon with reinforcements while dodging a growing plague of monsters.  

If Linh succeeds, she'll gain knowledge that could help Ruarnon secure lasting peace. But a secure peace demands co-operation with Tarlah's long-term enemies. 

So to pursue their heart's greatest desire, Ruarnon risks betrayal, all Tarlah and their own murder.

About The Author

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Elise Carlson (they/them) is an Aussie YA Fantasy author writing fantastical adventures in between real-world exploration and educating energetic, enthusiastic minds as excited about life as they are -children. 

Elise has lived in, taught in and explored their native Australia, England and New Zealand. Inspired by studies of the ancient Mediterranean world and their real-life adventures throughout Europe, America, Canada and South-East Asia, Elise enjoys writing adventures and coming of age stories for like minds -the young and young at heart.

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