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Australia 2040. No child lives in poverty and every child is safe. But at what cost?  

19-year-old Monica never wanted a baby but the laws require her to give birth twice before she can move on with her life.  Now that her first son, Oscar, has arrived she’s not so sure she wants to hand him over to be raised by professional parents: the Maters and Paters.  

When Monica turns to her birth mother, Alice, for help, she triggers a series of events that force Alice to confront her own dark past. Alice must decide – help her daughter break the law, or persuade her to accept her fate and do what’s best for the nation’s children?

Praise for Rebecca Bowyer’s first novel, Maternal Instinct:

 “Maternal Instinct is a thought-provoking read that’s also engrossing. Bowyer adds very real human reactions and emotions into a weird new world. This book is right up any dystopian-fan’s alley and will convert others.” Aurealis Magazine. 

“If you liked Vox, you’ll love this… Amazing debut by Rebecca Bowyer.” ~ Emily-Jane Clark, best-selling author of Sleep is for the Weak. 

“Fans of The Handmaid’s Tale will be instantly hooked by Rebecca Bowyer’s controversial take on what happens when you say goodbye to the bonds and obligations of the family unit as we currently know it. As terrifying as it is important, Maternal Instinct asks questions about humanity’s final destination if we continue down society’s current path of no real support for working parents.” ~ Virginia Franken, author of Life After Coffee.

About The Author

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Rebecca Bowyer is a storyteller, novelist, digital strategist and card-carrying story addict.  She lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and two young sons. 

When not at her day job or wrangling kids, she can be found writing her next novel, or writing about books, reading and writing here at Story Addict.  

She is the author of two speculative fiction novels, Stealing Time (2021) and Maternal Instinct (2019).

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